As part of a toy line by HEXBUG, Beta was selected as a continuation and is very well represented with its sloped front and trademark hammer, resembling the Season 2 design of the robot but the hammer starts almost 90 degrees from the real robot's hammer starting position. However, this is likely due to the use of a spring to power the weapon and having the control board placed at the back of the toy, which also accounts for the lack of armor at the rear. Like the other HEXBUG RC robots, Beta has pieces that come off, namely three silver panels around the outside. Beta's hammer is operated in two ways. If the button is pressed and released, the hammer will fire. If pressed again afterward, the hammer returns to its original position. If the button is pressed and held, the hammer will fire then reset. Like the real robot, the toy is capable of self-righting but only when the hammer is not in the normal position.

Differences from the Prototype

1. The armor is much shinier than the preototype.

2. The prototype lacks the band around the center of the hammer's head.

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