Battlebots Metal Breakdown was a shockwave-based game created by Comedy Central in light of Battlebots' success on TV. It features no robots from the show but has 5 unique designs you get to choose from. Before the match, you choose a robot in one of the four weight classes, a color, and a name. Depending on the weight class of your robot, a different sound effect (presumably to indicate that the robot is running and ready to go) is used.  The

The initial screen when the game is loaded.

computer will choose a different robot based on your choice. Once you have finalized your design and given it a name, start the game. The design choices are:
  • A triangular-shaped robot with a hammer
  • A hexagonal-shaped robot with a spinning ring
  • A trapizoid-shaped robot with a saw blade
  • A trapizoid-shaped robot with an oscillating spear
  • A trapizoid-shaped robot with a front-mounted plate that pushes away from the body.


Once you start playing, you're brought to the arena, which has no hazards except a single spinning sawblade in the center as well as the two robots competing. Seconds before your match begins, a short countdown initiates before Sean Salisbury's voice recites his signature line from the show. Instead of battle music, there is only audio of a crowd making noise. The controls for your robot are done with the arrow keys on your keyboard as indicated by the box at the bottom-center of the screen. As you battle your opponent, gauges at the top-left

The game's arena.

display the robot's health next to each robot's name and decrease as a robot is damaged while the top-right displays where the robots are in retrospect to each other. The dashed yellow line is the sawblade in the center. When a winner is decided, that robot's opponent is thrown into the air in a sort-of explosion while the winning robot is brought to the center of the screen and spun 360 degrees.

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