Now and then, TV has moments where things are incorrectly said or shown, be it a robot isn't the right one or match stats do not reflect the robot being shown.

Pay-Per View

  • Before its match with BioHazard, as Vlad the Impaler is introduced during the World Championship, Team Vladmeisters is misspelled as "Team Valdmeisters"
  • Just after Nightmare's fight with Rhino, Reason Bradly is interviewed but when his name comes up, it's spelt "Reuson Bradley".

Season 1.0

  • Mark Beiro mispronounces Mjollnir's name throughout the season, stressing the J when he shouldn't be doing so.
  • During the bout between Voltarc and BioHazard, Sean brings up the rule about holding a robot for 30 seconds but that was irrelevant here considering Voltarc wasn't holding BioHazard at all. There was nothing in the rule that prevented Voltarc from controlling the fight the way it did. In fact, the rule Sean mentions only prohibits winning the fight by pinning your opponent against the wall for the entire match.
  • When Mark Beiro introduces Spin Orbiting Force's two televised matches, he calls it "Super Orbiting Force".
  • Towards the end of episode 6 for Season 1.0, Sean and Bil state that Backlash won the lightweight consolation rumble but this is only partially true as Thorn was also declared the winner of the rumble.
  • Throughout much of Season 1.0, Bil Dwyer refers to Jim Smentowski as "Jim Smencowski".
  • During a TV advertisement for Season 1.0, as the robots are shown, an image of Backlash is shown where Nightmare's image should be.

Season 2.0

  • At the end of one of the episodes, Sean Salisbury brings up one of the recaps featuring Atomic Wedgie vs Revision Z but the clip shown is Revision Z vs Gray Matter.
  • After Toro flips Atomic Wedige, Bil Dwyer alludes to Toro defeating Minion but those two wouldn't fight until Season 3.0 as Minion had been beaten by Atomic Wedgie in its previous bout. The likely robot Bil means is Tripuilta Raptor, which Toro did fight earlier and win in quick fashion.
  • When Mark Beiro announces the judges decision between Bigger Brother and Voltronic, he states the result is 43-12, which is more than the 45 points the scores are supposed to equal. It's likely the score is meant to be 43-2.
  • When Nightmare's stats were shown before its fight against BioHazard, Jim Smentowski's name was misspelled as "Jim Smentowksi".
  • Complete Control vs El Diablo and El Diablo vs Ankle Biter were aired out of order.
  • During Turbo's match with Buddy Lee Don't Play in the Street, Bil mentions the loss of Buddy Lee's tailgate at the back but calls it a wedge when Buddy Lee actually had no weapon for this bout.
  • During the match between Suicidal Tendencies & BioHazard, Bil mistakenly said that BioHazard reached the semi-finals in the previous season, but it actually lost in the quarter-finals.
  • As the Lightweight rumble gets underway, Sean notes the lack of Backlash, which was seen among the robots participating and concludes Backlash was out at the start. In fact, Backlash had to pull out before the rumble began but this was cut from the TV airing.
  • Bil Dwyer & Sean Salisbury constantly calls No Tolerance III by its previous name, "No Tolerance II". Heidi Mark is the only one to call No Tolerance III by its correct name.
  • During the Heavyweight rumble, when KillerHurtz rams into Tazbot, Sean mistakenly says, "Tazbot takes a pop from Panic Attack", while Tazbot is lifting Panic Attack up off the floor.
  • Occasionally Sean Sailisbury would sometimes say "You're looking live at the All American Sportpark" (the place where the matches were being filmed) when this show is filmed months before it airs so this cannot be true.
  • Right before Backlash's match with Toe-Crusher, Bil and Sean can be heard talking about problems between the two builders but the audio comes from right before Backlash's match with Ziggo as Sean brings up problems Jonathan Ridder (whom built Ziggo) had been having that were fixed just in time. In fact, Christian Carlberg is the person in the shot at the time of the error as he was fighting against Backlash with Toe-Crusher.


Season 3.0

  • During the first episode of Season 3.0, Peter Lambertson explains that the screws push the robots towards the hammers but in fact it's the opposite.
  • The match between Turbo and Double Agent has no battle music.
  • When Minion's battle stats are shown, Bil says that if Minion is flipped, it's all over but for Season 3.0, Minion had a self-righting arm just for that reason.
  • When Mark Beiro announces the heavyweight champion Son of Whyachi, he calls it "Whyachi". This normally wouldn't be an issue except that Team Whyachi also had a superheavyweight robot with that name.
  • During the recap of Dr. Inferno Jr. vs Gamma Raptor, Bil brings up the waltz "Tim talked about" but there's no audio of Tim ever saying that at the time the event occured.
  • At the tail end of Techno Destructo's intro, Tim Green figures its flipping arm is inspired by Season 2.0 runner-up Toro. However, Atomic Wedgie was runner-up and Toro only lasted until the quarterfinals, incidentially getting beaten by Atomic Wedgie.
  • After Diesector's intro in its first match against Vladiator, Tim says the longest winning streak in BattleBots is 8 victories but two-time champions like Minion and Vlad the Impaler have already proven this to be false.

Season 4.0

  • In the prelude to Son of Whyachi's battle against Swirlee, Tim Green said that Son of Whyachi was the defending superheavyweight champion, when in reality, Season 3.0 saw it win the heavyweight division.

Season 5.0

  • The images from before the Season 5.0 match between No Apologies and The Judge used images from a match earlier in the episode, Sallad vs. Patriot.
  • In Season 5.0 before the OverKill vs Warhead fight Bil Dwyer says Warhead knocked out each opponent it faced. This is not true as it defeated JC Slammer on a judges decision.
  • As the Season 5.0 match between Wedge of Doom and Dr. Inferno Jr. gets underway, Tim notes the gauze for show on the arm that was torn off and says it's what used to house the power drill, but Dr. Inferno Jr. didn't have the power drill at the time; both of its arms used to wield the red triangular saw blades. Additionally, it was the other arm that housed the power drill and the arm that was wrapped in gauze held the saw blade.
  • When Vlad the Impaler 2 flies over Spitfire, Tim says Spitfire is the one that tossed Vlad the Impaler 2 but Spitfire's flipping arm was fired too late and Vlad the Impaler 2 was in the air because of its own high-speed attack.

ABC Season 1

  • During Warrior Clan's introduction, Terry Ewert states that "they (Team Whyachi) have been in more fights than anyone else" when, not counting any events between Season 5.0 of Comedy Central and the reboot, a more likely team to have that "honour" would be Team Nightmare, Team Raptor or Derek Young.
  • During the first round match between Radioactive and Sweet Revenge, a sound effect of glass breaking (to indicate that Radioactive has hit Sweet Revenge) is heard when Radioactive's axe is retracted.

ABC Season 2

  • At the end of Blacksmith vs Minotaur, the referees declared the bout over by knockout but Blacksmith wasn't officially declared by KO until after the match and as a result, the match went to a Judges Decision.
  • In the last 10 seconds of Beta vs Tombstone, a clock is shown and the commentators believe they're both incapacitated but both robots weren't moving because the actual clock had been reset and it was unclear whether the match was over or not.
  • During the rumble between Bite Force, Wrecks and Witch Doctor, Chris Rose incorrectly states that Witch Doctor is "M.I.A", when the correct terminology would've been "K.I.A" as Witch Doctor had just been flipped out.
  • Chris Rose and Kenny Florian keep referring to the Primary Weapon as to how the judges decide the outcome of a match. However, Mike Jefferies, the builder of Bombshell, stated that the judges take in to consideration the secondary weapon and was the reason why the Chomp-The Disk O' Inferno match was a split decision.

Discovery Season 3

  • When Red Devil's stats came up, its saw is listed at spinning at 46 MPH. However, this stat is incorrect as the producers had used the wrong RPM for the robot's saw, which is actually more around 3000 RPM.