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"Oh! We're down to 99 dalmations!"

~Sean Salisbury during Buddy Lee vs Turbo

101 Dalmations During the match between Turbo and Buddy Lee Don't Play in the Street, two of the stuffed Dalmations in the back of Buddy Lee fall out and Sean jokes about the decrease in dalmations. This is a clear reference to the movie 101 dalmations, which was released just 4 years prior to Season 2.0

"It's like the killing of Rasputin. You can't put him down."

~ Bil Dwyer at the end of Battle Rat vs Crash Test Dummy.

The death of Grigori Rasputin As the match between Battle Rat and Crash Test Dummy comes to an end, Bil notes that Crash Test Dummy hasn't stopped working throughout and makes this obvious reference.

"More deadly than Anthrax"

~ Mark Biero introducing BioHazard

2001 Anthrax Attacks The Anthrax attacks of 2001 took place just one week after the 9/11 attacks and lasted several weeks, taking 5 lives and infecting 17 others using letters mailed with Anthrax spores.

"It was Spaz who let the dogs out"

- Bil Dwyer during the recap of Buddy Lee Don't Play in the Street vs Spaz

Who Let the Dogs Out? by Baha Men During the recap of "Buddy Lee vs Spaz, Bi Dwyer alludes to this Baha Men song, which constantly asks Who Let the Dogs Out? in the lyrics and this is tied into Buddy Lee's dogs being dumped on the arena floor in one of Spaz's attacks.

"If it were a classic rock band, it would be REO Bleed Wagon. Roll with the changes, it's ROTATOR!"

~ Faruq Tauheed introducing RotatoR

Roll With the Changes by REO Speedwagon This is a reference to 70's rock band REO Speedwagon, and their 1978 single "Roll With the Changes"

"He's tougher than The Space Invader and tougher than The Terminator. It's the ALIEN GLADIATOR!"

~ Mark Biero introducing Alien Gladiator before its Quarterfinals fight against Deadblow.

Space Invaders

The Terminator Franchise

Two references in one. The first one is a reference to the 1978 arcade game Space Invaders, which is hard to beat.

The second reference to The titular character of the Terminator franchise, which has been notoriously hard to kill throughout the franchise.

"You liked him has a lawn mower, you'll love him as a BattleBot"

- Mark Beiro introducing Toro.

Toro lawnmower Toro was a company known at the time to make lawn mowers around the time Season 2.0 was airing.
Forever Derek Yong

"Forever Young" by

Rod Stewart.

A parody of a classic song by music artist Rod Stewart.
Tentomushi of Love Rollercoaster of Love This song's title parodies this classic song.
Onward Christian Carlberg
I Like Big Bots "I like big butts" by Sir Mix-A-Lot A parody of a classic song by Sir Mix-A-Lot, and perhaps his most well-known.
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Biero
One More Nightmare
It's Not Easy Being Tim Green
Live and Let Die-Sector
Baby Got Backlash
If I Had A Spring Loaded Hammer
Open Actuated Arms
Don't Let Son of Whyachi Go Down on Me

"Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"

by Elton John

An obvious parody to this classic song by Elton John
Never Felk Like This Before "Never Felt Like This Before" by
Wedgy Woman
To All the Bots I've Loved Before
Papa's Got a Pneumatic Bag
Sunshine Lollibot and Rainbows
Oops, I Impaled You Again "Oops, I did it Again" by Britany Spears A parody of this well-known song by Britany Spears
Never Too Late for Good BioHazard

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