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This is the encyclopedia about the BattleBots TV show and its competitors, presenters, battles and teams, and is always growing. It also contains information on pages deemed relevant in terminology and sport of robotic combat. This wiki only covers BattleBots and as such does not provide detailed information or images from Robot Wars, Robotica, RoboGames or other such competitions.
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Nightmare's appearance for the first season of BattleBots on ABC.

Nightmare was a heavyweight combat robot inspired by a bucket wheel excavator. Its weapon was a 4-foot rotary bludgeoning device with 5lb teeth on either side of the disc capable of delivering a 300 MPH uppercut. Nightmare competed in all 7 BattleBots competitions and did very well in all of them, winning the "Most Aggressive Robot" award at the Long Beach 1999 event. It was known for either delivering lots of damage to its opponents or going out in pieces, which is basically what happened to it every other year. Nightmare had had several revisions to it over the years, starting as a boxy plus-shaped robot and evolving into a much sleeker and more powerful design by Season 5.0. More...

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