The Kickbot Arena game was a dice game where players took turns rolling a number of dice in the arena, trying to avoid the various haza

The game in its box.

rds as well as each other's various hits. The game came with a cardboard arena, two cardboard killsaws, 13 dice and 24 Battlebot cards, which you choose for gameplay. The 24 robots that are on a card are:

Eraser, Dooall, Minion, Mechavore, Sunshine Lollibot, Electric Lunch, Village Idiot, Techno Destructo, Toe Crusher, Tazbot, GoldDigger, Complete Control, Blendo, Double Agent, T-Wrex, Phere, Revision Z, Overkill, Punjar, Bacchus, T-Minus, Deadblow

Battlebots-Kickbot Arena-Game-Contents

The game outside its box.


Each of the 13 dice has different results except for one with Pulverizers on it, as it's the same on all sides. The object of the game is to destroy your opponent's chosen robot using your own dice. Each player picks 5 robots, then takes turns rolling a die, trying to avoid the hazards. You must defeat all 5 of your opponent's robots to claim the giant nut.

The arena close-up.

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