The toy unpacked

Basher Atomic Wedgie

The 1st Edition or 3rd Edition of the toy (left) compared with 2nd Edition (right).

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The toy "exploded"

As part of a series released by Road Champs in 2001, Atomic Wedgie was 1 of 9 licensed BattleBots made for the Battle Basher range. It is based on the Season 2.0 version of Atomic Wedgie, due to the design of the rear mounted tri-foils and lack of either the rear-mounted spikes or spinning rear flywheel. Like the other Battle Bashers, if the robot has been hit hard enough or a certain button is pressed, parts of the body will "explode." In the case of Atomic Wedgie, the wedge will open up and the tracked side panels will split open. Unlike the real robot, which had the tri-foils placed more in the middle of the side panels' rear, the ones on the toy are placed higher up, preventing any sort of invertiblity. Also, the yellow bumper on the front, which activates the mechanism that "disables" the toy, prevents Atomic Wedgie from getting underneath most BattleBots toys without turning to one side.

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