Aptyx Design's logo

Aptyx Designs (Formerly Team Demolition) is a team that competed in BattleBots Seasons 3.0, 5.0, multiple non televised BattleBots events, and both seasons of the ABC Reboot. They are probably best known for their Heavyweights Bite Force, and Brutality, as well as their Middleweight Green Wave.

Robot Weight class Events competed in
Tantrum Lightweight BattleBots Season 3.0
Green Wave Middleweight BattleBots Season 5.0, BattleBots IQ 2002 ,BattleBots Rochester R3, BattleBots at Java One
Brutality Heavyweight Vallejo 2009
Bite Force Heavyweight ABC Season 1 & 2
Ntertainment Hobbyweight NPC Charity Open


  • Wins: 25
  • Losses: 6

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