Anty Maim

Anty Maim as it appeared for Season 5.0/BattleAnts

Anty Maim was an Antweight robot built by Kelly Smith that competed at the Season 5.0 BattleAnts event. It was a two wheeled, armorless robot armed with a horizontal sawblade that spun at 3000 RPM, Anty Maim did poorly in the competition, losing in its first match to Gnat. Kelly Smith also built the moderately successful Middleweight Psychotron, which reached the round of 16 in Season 4.0.

Robot History

Season 5.0/BattleAnts

Anty Maim's first match was against Gnat in the round of 16. Anty Maims sawblade proved to be very uncontrollable, and the robot bounced all over the arena, allowing Gnat to easily control the fight. As a result It lost this battle, and was eliminated from the competition.

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