The toy unpacked.

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The toy "exploded"

As part of a series released by Road Champs in 2001, Alpha Raptor was 1 of 9 licensed BattleBots made for the Battle Basher range. It is strangely gray instead of white and not rounded at the back, like the real robot. Like the other Battle Bashers, if the robot has been hit hard enough or a certain button is pressed, parts of the body will "explode." In the case of Alpha Raptor, the rear halves of the wheel guards will turn downward 90 degrees, and the panels located at the front part of the top will flip up as a result of the lifting arm raising up from impact. The wedges under the lifting arm prongs and the lifting arm prongs can be detached. Like all of the convertible robots replicated into Battle Bashers, this toy has wheels but due to the friction motor underneath, these wheels are merely decoration and do not turn on their own.

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