Alex Rose

Alexander Rose Today

Alexander Rose was leader of team Inertia Labs alongside teammate Reason Bradley. He was well known for his BattleBots entries Toro, T-Minus, The Matador, Rhino and The Butcher, along with many others. Alexander Rose and Inertia Labs won the Season 4.0 superheavyweight championship with Toro, and the Season 5.0 Middleweight Title with T-Minus. Alexander Rose is also the founder of the RFL (Robot Fighting League). He and Reason Bradley have since entered their robot Bronco into the 2015 ABC Battlebots reboot.

Outside of Battlebots

Hired as the first employee of The Long Now Foundation in February of 1997. Alexander has been an artist in residence at Silicon Graphics Inc., a project manager for Shamrock Communications, and a founding partner of Inertia Labs. Alexander has attended the Art Center College of Design and graduated with a bachelor of arts honors degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Industrial Design in 1995. As the director of Long Now, Alexander has facilitated projects such as the 10,000 Year Clock with Danny Hillis, The Rosetta Project, Long Bets, Seminars About Long Term Thinking, Long Server and others. Alexander shares several design patents on the 10,000 Year Clock, the first prototype of which is in the Science Museum of London.

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