Battlebox 2015

The BattleBox in Vallejo, CA for the first season of ABC's BattleBots.

The first season of ABC's BattleBots was held in Vallejo, California from May 21st, 2015 to May 23rd, 2015. It was the first tournament under BattleBots' new format which featured a single 250-pound weight class competing in a modified single-elimination format. The show debuted on ABC a month later on June 21st and spanned for six weeks.


Twenty-four robots were selected from applications to compete, with another four selected as reserves. The chosen 24 competed in one qualifier round to determine who would advance to the first round of the main bracket, with another four being selected from a specific committee to serve as 'wild-card' entrants into the bracket.


Robot Name Builder Picture


(Did Not Compete)

John Reid
Beta ABCBB2015
Bite Force Paul Ventimiglia
Bite Force BB2015
Bronco Alexander Rose, Reason Bradley
Bronco ABCBB2015
Bull Dog (Reserve) Ian Watts, John Frizell
Bulldog ABCBB2015
Captain Shrederator Brian Nave
Capt Shrederator BB2015
Chomp Zoe Stephenson
Chomp BB2015
Chronic (Reserve) Alan Young
Chronic ABCBB2015
Complete Control Mk V Derek Young
Complete Control BB2015
Counter Revolution Curt Meyers
CounterRev BB2015
Ghost Raptor Chuck Pitzer
GhostRaptor ABCBB2015
HyperShock Will Bales
Hypershock ABCBB2015
Icewave Marc DeVidts
IceWave BB2015
Lock-Jaw Donald Hutson
Lock-Jaw ABCBB2015
Mohawk Greg Bales, Korey Kline
Mohawk ABCBB2015
Nightmare Jim Smentowski
Nightmare BB2015
OverDrive Christian Carlberg
OverDrive abcbb2015
Overhaul Charles Guan
Overhaul BB2015
Plan X Lisa Winter
Plan X BB15
Radioactive Kane Aston
Radioactive ABCBB2015
Razorback Zach Bieber
Razorback ABCBB2015
Splatter (Reserve) Jeff Vasquez
Splatter BB2015
Stinger: The Killer Bee Matt Maxham
Stinger Killer Bee BB2015
Sweet Revenge Students from Carrollton School (mentored by Nola Garcia)
SweetRevenge ABCBB2015
Tombstone Ray Billings
Tombstone BB2015
Warhead Ian Lewis
Warhead ABCBB2015
Warrior Clan Terry Ewert
WarriorClan ABCBB2015
Witch Doctor Andrea Suarez
WitchDoctorandShaman BB2015
Wrecks Dan Chatterton
Wrecks BB2015


Qualifier Round

Red Square Blue Square Winner
Razorback Icewave Icewave, KO
Wrecks Plan X Plan X, 3-0 JD
Warhead Bite Force Bite Force, 3-0 JD
Nightmare Warrior Clan Warrior Clan, TKO
Overhaul Lock-Jaw Lock-Jaw, 2-1 JD
Witch Doctor Bronco Bronco, KO
Counter Revolution Tombstone Tombstone, KO
Captain Shrederator Stinger: The Killer Bee Stinger, KO
Chomp OverDrive OverDrive, KO
Sweet Revenge Radioactive Radioactive, 3-0 JD
Mohawk HyperShock HyperShock, KO
Complete Control Ghost Raptor Ghost Raptor, 3-0 JD

Wild Cards

The four robots selected to advance to the round of 16 from the first round were Chomp, Overhaul, Warhead and Witch Doctor.


The remaining robots and the re-instated robots was given a seeding, which went as followed:

  1. Tombstone
  2. Icewave
  3. Bite Force
  4. Bronco
  5. Stinger
  6. Lock-Jaw
  7. Warrior Clan
  8. OverDrive
  9. Witch Doctor
  10. Ghost Raptor
  11. Overhaul
  12. Warhead
  13. Plan X
  14. HyperShock
  15. Chomp
  16. Radioactive

Round of 16

Red Square Blue Square Winner
Tombstone Radioactive Tombstone, KO
OverDrive Witch Doctor Witch Doctor, KO
Stinger: The Killer Bee Warhead Stinger, 3-0 JD
Bronco Plan X Bronco, KO
Bite Force HyperShock Bite Force, TKO
Lock-Jaw Overhaul Overhaul, KO
Warrior Clan Ghost Raptor Ghost Raptor, TKO
Icewave Chomp Icewave, KO


Red Square Blue Square Winner
Tombstone Witch Doctor Tombstone, KO
Stinger: The Killer Bee Bronco Bronco, KO
Bite Force Overhaul Bite Force, 3-0 JD
Ghost Raptor Icewave Ghost Raptor, KO


Red Square Blue Square Winner
Tombstone Bronco Tombstone, KO
Bite Force Ghost Raptor Bite Force, KO


Red Square Blue Square Winner
Tombstone Bite Force Bite Force, 3-0 JD


  • Most Destructive: Tombstone
  • Best Designer: Warhead

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